Water jars

And then there is the wildy insane lunacy as barfed out on pages like this: BARF .

Idiot1There are two jars of water. On one jar I write the word “hate”, on the other jar I write the word “love”. Apparantly, there are people who believe that this will affect the water molecules in the jar. And they have photos to prove it. Let´s go back to the caves and be idiots again, is basically their message.


Strip a man naked

Strip a man naked and ask him what he has got in his pockets. Most people will agree about the answer: nothing. He doesn´t have any pockets. Now, imagine having a million men stripped naked. Claim that all of them carry something in their pockets (which they don´t have) because one of them once used to know a guy who carried something in his pockets. That´s the sort of thing homeopathy claims.

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A lot of talk is going on lately about the calendar of the Mayas, the “Tzolk’in”.

It seems to me that even though, yes, Hernán Cortés treated the Mayas very badly, that doesn´t mean the Mayas necessarily were wise people nor that their religions and philosophies would be superior to our scientific findings. I don´t see why the cruelties committed by the Spanish invader would mean that some calender based on superstition (i.e. irrational beliefs) would have any relationship with our real world.

If I would burn an ant hill down, would that mean that ants are right and as a matter of fact the whole universe is created by a gigantic insect? (Well, to be honest, I don´t know whether all ants believe that. Black ants do, but red ants are more divided on the matter.).

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