As the English used to say: he had a good war. But, although the war is still going on, dr. Stuart has given up the fight by now. He is old now. Old and tired. And the war is still going on and it doesn´t look as if it is going to end soon.

His fight is over, but everyday the war is still present in his life. In everybody´s life. Only most people don´t know it. Aren´t aware of it. People say these are just coincidences. Accidents. Incidents. Life is just an accident, as a certain revival country band once sang.

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The Barcelona Bar and Restaurant Guide

It´s not easy for bloody foreigners and tourists interested in the “real Barcelona” to find the authentic and distinguish it from the touristic, especially when it comes to looking for a restaurant or even just a bar for a coffee or a soft drink. This is even more true since the difference between the true spanish/catalan (mind you! they think that´s a different thing!) waiter or waitress and the typical rude vinegar-faced and embittered yoke that serves bad tapas for tourists on the Ramblas, is smaller than you think.  So, I have made a list of places where you can find the real thing. Since this list might grow, I gave it a special place here.

Note that there is also an endangered species of really friendly artisans of the-man-around-the-corner variety in Barcelona. In my own street (Calle Corders), for instance, there is a shoemaker who seems to have been working here since the dawn of time. Friendly, cheap and doing a very good job, the man is almost a singularity in the space-time continuum, although I have found a few other ones of these exceptional artisans. I am afraid, though, that like the Bengalese tiger, the Iberian lynx and the Mississipi bluesmen, the sort is almost extinct.