The Barcelona Bar and Restaurant Guide

It´s not easy for bloody foreigners and tourists interested in the “real Barcelona” to find the authentic and distinguish it from the touristic, especially when it comes to looking for a restaurant or even just a bar for a coffee or a soft drink. This is even more true since the difference between the true spanish/catalan (mind you! they think that´s a different thing!) waiter or waitress and the typical rude vinegar-faced and embittered yoke that serves bad tapas for tourists on the Ramblas, is smaller than you think.  So, I have made a list of places where you can find the real thing. Since this list might grow, I gave it a special place here.

Note that there is also an endangered species of really friendly artisans of the-man-around-the-corner variety in Barcelona. In my own street (Calle Corders), for instance, there is a shoemaker who seems to have been working here since the dawn of time. Friendly, cheap and doing a very good job, the man is almost a singularity in the space-time continuum, although I have found a few other ones of these exceptional artisans. I am afraid, though, that like the Bengalese tiger, the Iberian lynx and the Mississipi bluesmen, the sort is almost extinct.


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