Warning! Can be harmful to your health!

Violence against homosexuals and women is still as present as ever. In the Netherlands, which has the name of a being a tolerant and open-minded country, violence against homosexuals is even on the increase. The conclusion is that there is still a lot to be done to educate people that homosexuals should be treated equally as heterosexuals; in fact, the distinction should not be an issue at any time. People are attracted to other people and each can figure out on his or her own when or how or to whom. Likewise, women should be treated equally to men and, again, the distinction should not be an issue at any time.

Education is needed and education begins with children.

In that light, it´s extraordinary that all over the world, in all countries, without exception, children are still taught the exact opposite. Even the most liberal, modern, open-minded countries, that spend so much time, effort and money to educate society about equality for homosexuals and women, at the same allows and openly supports an education that goes straight-out against that.

Of course, I´m referring to religious education.

What´s the point of government campaigns against discrimination when at the same time children are allowed to be taught every day that women are inferior to men and homosexuality is something wrong? I am not just talking about the usual suspects like christianity and Islam. The jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists all in their own ways teach the same thing.

I don´t want to prohibit religions. I don´t want to limit people´s freedom to belief in nonsense – God, the devil, astrology, tarot, homeopathy, fascism, communism… But, then again, our governments have installed compulsory education for a reason, right? The idea is that children get prepared to function well in our society. We don´t support astrology schools. We don´t support schools that teach wizardry or Tarot card reading. And we certainly should not support schools that not only teach rubbish, but anti-social, sexist discriminatory rubbish on top of that!

I don´t want to prohibit unhealthy habits. I don´t want to limit people´s freedom to harm to their own body and mind – tobacco, alcohol, cocaine… But, then again, these things are age restricted, right? We don´t allow young children to smoke or to buy strong liquor, right? Packs of cigarettes have warnings on them and children below a certain age are not allowed to order in bars. The same should be true for churches, mosques, synagogues and temples.

Let´s start treating religion for what it is.


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