I have talked before about the xenophobic politician Wilders and his political party PVV. One thing he and his party always claim is that they are protecting “the freedom of speech”. Obviously, there are a lot of religious people, and quite a lot of them are muslims, who believe that it should be forbidden to insult their religion, their God or their prophet. We all remember what happened when some Danish cartoonists drew some (funny? not funny?) cartoons with the Islam prophet in them.

Now, I am all for the freedom of speech, as long as it doesn´t incite straight-out to hatred or violence against a race, a sex or any group of people. And even then, I would tend to allow it as long as there is enough freedom to say the opposite too. Freedom of  speech should work both ways. Which means, freedom for everyone to speak up their mind or use humour, irony or sarcasm to express one´s emotions, opinions or ideas. The xenophobic Wilders, however, only likes “freedom of speech” when it is his kind of speech. Comparing the Koran to Mein Kampf, for instance. Or comparing the Islam with nazism. Or talking about “nob-rags” instead of veils. Or about shooting immigrant criminals through their kneecaps. Or when it is about defending the right to make cartoons like this. All of that is freedom of speech, to Wilders. He is right, although one might argue that he is often very much on the limit (or way over that limit) of inciting hate and violent against groups of people. By the way, that most of the voters of his party do not give a damn about freedom of speech, I wrote about before as well.

Cartoon about Wilders and his proposed “tuigkampen” (scum camps)

Recently, however, Wilders spoke about sending “problem-children” to “scum-camps“. Freedom of speech as well, indeed. However, now that a cartoonist has published the following (funny? not funny?) cartoon, Wilders demands that the website will take the cartoon away. What about freedom of speech, now, sir?  So, in my defence of the freedom of speech, here is that cartoon:

(The “T”-tags that the people in the cartoon are wearing, stand for the Dutch word “tuig”, which means “scum”)


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