Today is a great day

This morning, the world was informed that the long sought mister Bush was finally caught and shot. Mister Bush was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, world-wide. World leaders from all over the world expressed their relief that one of the major forces behind world insecurity, violence and beastly murders has come to justice. Prime minister Cameron of the UK called it a great success, but warned that the US was still a dangerous country, the German chancellor Merkel called it a victory but said we must remain vigilant, and the Italian prime minister Berlusconi called it a great day for democracy.

The details of the catch are still not clear. Some say mister Bush was shot in front of his children and wife, but “he was asking for it anyway” and he was unarmed, again others said he used women as a human shield. The dead body of mister Bush was taken away and dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, to avoid pilgrimage. In order to avoid other Americans going crazy, no photos of the dead mister Bush will be shown.

It was admitted that a few American citizens had to be tortured to find Bush’ hiding place, but these were probably terrorists anyway, and in any case, after all that mister Bush has done to the world, the torture was completely justified.

The world can safely go back to sleep now.