Listen carefully, I will only say this once

This is an email I got today from a certain Wayne Murphy ( with the subject title “ACT FAST”. As far as scam emails go, his name at least is not as wacky as normally in these kind of emails (Susy Quaie, Branndel Wonk, Lilly Blessingwound). Also, it is not written by a complete idiot although apparently the concept of spaces after punctuation marks is not known to him.

Besides, I like its tone and atmosphere of conspiracy, secrecy and low-tech hoodlums on the internet.There is quite a bit of “meet me at the Black Tower when the clock strikes two” to it, and you would almost expect him to mention the painting of the Madonna with the big boobies in the final paragraph.

All in all, I give it a 6 for effort, a 5 for execution, an 8 for the little boy fantasy and a bonus point for the name.

Anyway, here´s the contents of the email:

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