The Wire, Skins, Africa

Without much further ado, again, a list of things which really have nothing to do with each other

1. The Wire

It is impossible to say much about The Wire series that hasn´t already been said better before. Excellent reviews of it can be found at “What´s Alan Watching?“. Another site that cannot be praised enough is “TV tropes” (a catalog of the tricks of the trades of t.v. fiction). You can find their analysis on The Wire here.

The Wire gives, in five seasons, a cross-section of Baltimore: the streets, the police, the working class in the city port, the politicians, the schools and the newspapers. Ever present in all of these environments, is the depressing world of drugdealing gangs and the depressingly mistaken war on drugs, doomed to fail even before it starts.

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Invisible Man

Some days are worse than others. Bad weather days are almost always bad. And don´t tell me why I don´t like Mondays, because I already know.

Of course, it took me a while to figure it out. Why do people bump into me all the time? Why do people not get out-of-the-way when I try to pass a doorway or come up the elevator stairs? Why do people on the sidewalk suddenly walk just in front of me without paying attention to me at all? Why do people go before their turn in bakeries, vegetable shops, supermarkets? And in trains, metros, buses too. People go before their turn basically everywhere.

I remember once, I was pushing a motorcycle with a flat tyre over a broad sidewalk, I mean a really broad sidewalk. Six or seven persons could have walked next to each other without a problem. Also, besides me, there were only two other persons on this sidewalk. I was pushing this – very heavy – motorcycle up the road and at least 100 meters ahead, there is this guy talking to a girl. They are talking in a very relaxed way, looking everywhere around them, without a hurry. Two persons who have known each other for a while. They happen to stand in the middle of the sidewalk, which lies just on the same strip where I am trying to push the motor along. Yet they do not move an inch for me. I literally touch the boy´s back while I pass by, and only then he reacts, steps forward quickly and protests. I ask him whether he is blind. He replied that he was too busy talking to the girl.

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