I have talked before about the xenophobic politician Wilders and his political party PVV. One thing he and his party always claim is that they are protecting “the freedom of speech”. Obviously, there are a lot of religious people, and quite a lot of them are muslims, who believe that it should be forbidden to insult their religion, their God or their prophet. We all remember what happened when some Danish cartoonists drew some (funny? not funny?) cartoons with the Islam prophet in them.

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Totaler Krieg

In the Netherlands, there is only one political movement, led by one single leader, who consistently talks about war, about deportation, about shooting people through their kneecaps, about inferior cultures, about prohibiting books, about an utopic Netherlands without immigrants. In short, everything all fascist parties all over the world tend to say. His party is called PVV, his name is Wilders, and yesterday he said the following words.

“Door heel Europa, niet alleen in Nederland, maar in heel Europa vechten de multiculturalistische elites een totale oorlog(*) uit tegen hun bevolkingen. Met als inzet de voortzetting van de massa-immigratie en de islamisering, uiteindelijk resulterend in een islamitisch Europa – een Europa zonder vrijheid: Eurabië.”

“Throughout Europe, not only in the Netherlands, there is a multi-culturalist elite that fights a total war(*)against their people. The goal of this fight is the continuation of mass immigration and Islamization, ultimately resulting in an Islamic Europe – a Europe without freedom: Eurabia.”

“En toda Europa, no sólo en los Países Bajos, las elites multi-culturalistas han montado una guerra total(*) contra su pueblo. La meta de esta guerra es la continuación de la inmigración masiva y la islamización, que en última instancia resultará en una Europa islámica – una Europa sin libertad. Eurabia”

As always, his trick is to blame others for supposedly wanting to start the war as an excuse for starting his own. The usual retorics about “the people” against an elite that is favouring foreign threats should sound familiar as well. In short, everything all fascist parties all over the world tend to say.

So, I repeat. If the UN is really out there to bring democracy to foreign countries…, forget about Afghanistan (they are fed up), forget Irak (it’s already enough of a  mess), forget Egypt (they are much better off without our “help”)…, send your troops to the Netherlands. (And when you shoot some PVV voters, call it collateral damage.)

*) “Totale Oorlog” / “Total War” / “Guerra Total” = “Totaler Krieg”, Joseph Goebbels, (18- 02-1943)

Notes from Liliput-land.

Currently, there is a large political debate going on in the Netherlands, about whether they should send a team of Dutch policemen to Afghanistan to “train” the Afghan policeforce (they even talked about teaching them how to read). If you don’t believe the previous sentence, I don’t blame you. By the way, the last time the Netherlands sent “policemen” to another country to “help them out”, was in the fifties when they sent the army (because that’s what they really were) out to Indonesia, to suppress the freedom fight there. It all ended up in tears. And blood, of course.

(I almost forgot, we also “helped” very much in Srebenica).

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David Brent for President

As the unsurpassable prophet of modern times Molovich in his Dutch blog already commented: lately the Netherlands has been suffering from stress. Drop a suitcase in a crowd, and someone will yell: “a bomb, a bomb!” and panic arises. Put some problem children on the blocks of average sized commuter towns and a large part of the Netherlands will vote for one of the most ridiculous political parties in the world.

Oh, Holland, land of eternal farce.

In that light, it cannot be a surprise that for the past eight years we had Jan-Peter Balkenende for prime-minister. In those eight years, four of his governments have broken up before ending their term. That means that after failing one time, he was allowed to fail three more times. Try that when you´re head of any real company. Currently he still is candidate for his christian party for the general elections of the 9th of june. He might even become prime minister again and break up another government again. Probably, he´s a pawn in a sinister CIA conspiracy to destabilize the Dutch political system (that will teach them bloody liberals!).

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