The Wire, Skins, Africa

Without much further ado, again, a list of things which really have nothing to do with each other

1. The Wire

It is impossible to say much about The Wire series that hasn´t already been said better before. Excellent reviews of it can be found at “What´s Alan Watching?“. Another site that cannot be praised enough is “TV tropes” (a catalog of the tricks of the trades of t.v. fiction). You can find their analysis on The Wire here.

The Wire gives, in five seasons, a cross-section of Baltimore: the streets, the police, the working class in the city port, the politicians, the schools and the newspapers. Ever present in all of these environments, is the depressing world of drugdealing gangs and the depressingly mistaken war on drugs, doomed to fail even before it starts.

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The King stay the King

This news about Jamaica´s most wanted man Dudus made me think of HBO´s television series the Wire.

“Come at the king, you best not miss.”

“Dope on the damn table.”

“No one wins. One side just loses more slowly.”

Are just a few quotes that come to mind.