Birth, School, Work, Death

For my job, they have obliged me to participate in a master course. About finance, business administration, innovative marketing strategies, corporate economics, and how to use your inner child to be more creative in commercial enterprises. Seriously, I even had to participate in some kind of creativity workshop, full of coloured paper, lumps of clay, brainstorming and whatnot. People still have not realised that people work at their best on their own, without other people around to bother them. As everyone who knows me would imagine: this master is just the most perfect thing for me. It is exactly why I studied physics: so I could calculate the financial balance and solvency of companies. Really.

When I talked about this master, a few days later, in my favourite bar in Barcelona, my friends told me I should enjoy this opportunity. That working is something one should enjoy and life is all about making work as pleasurable as possible. And they are absolutely right, of course, when you look at it their way because, in fact, you spend most hours of your life at work. But no! I won´t agree! I won´t give up! I´ll stick to my principles. I am rather unhappy than a traitor. And to show I am not alone in this, there are Voskuil, Nescio and The Godfathers.

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